To tell or not to tell – that is the quesion

Trying to find a job isn’t the easiest of tasks most of the time, but it gets a little bit more complicated when you have an illness or disability. Do you tell them when applying, in your interview or once you’ve been offered the role? Maybe, you don’t ever tell them.

I feel like I’m walking through arrivals at an airport and can’t decide if I should go down the corridor marked “Nothing to Declare” or if I should head straight to customs and let them know I’m carrying something I shouldn’t be.

It’s times like this when it feels like MS is my dirty secret – something that would make others feel weird by discussing it. But, maybe that’s my own paranoia, which stems from the way people with disabilities are portrayed in films, TV and wider media – either as someone to feel sorry for or someone to fear. Last time I checked, I’m neither of these.

Would a company feel obliged to offer me the job if they knew or would they decide they didn’t want to take on the “responsibilities” attached to hiring someone with a chronic illness?

This MS thing is all a bit of a headache, adding extra complications to by life than there were before. But, it’s also made me stronger and more able to deal with things that are thrown my way, so I’m not going to let it make job hunting any harder than it has to be.

I think I’m going to say I have MS on some applications and not others, mention it during a few interviews and not all – just to see what happens either way. This could backfire spectacularly, but you never know until you try, right?

What are your experiences of job hunting with a chronic illness?


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