The Magician’s Misdirection

Often in life, the negatives of a situation can seem to distract us from any positives that could also arise. It’s almost like magician has got us to focus solely on one of his hands while the other is performing the trick.

Earlier this month, I received a copy of a letter that my neurologist had sent to my GP that had a lot of technical jargon in it, but the phrases “new lesions” and “further enhancement” jumped out immediately. This sent me into a meltdown as the Tysabri was supposed to be making me feel better, but the words seemed to be telling me something different.

It took a couple of days for me to calm down and think about the news rationally. I had two options: allow myself fall into a pit of self pity or contact my neurologist and ask her to explain the contents of the letter. I opted for the latter and was able to see her the same day – which demonstrates how amazing the neurology team at Salford Royal Hospital is.

She sat with me and we looked through the results of every MRI scan I’d had done so I could see how the MS had progressed since my diagnosis in March 2013. The letter actually said that although there was a new lesion, several others that had been present before had shrunk or disappeared altogether. This piece of paper that turned me into a blubbering mess for an entire weekend was describing how the scans have provided evidence¬†that Tysabri is doing its job.

It’s OK to be overwhelmed by the technical terms that doctors throw your way, but you can always ask for them to explain it to you in layman’s terms. Never let something fester at the back of your mind, as it will taint everything else in your life.

I had another scan on December 27th and I have promised myself that I will be paying attention to both of the magician’s hands when I get the results.


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