Oh fudge!

I often take on too much on all at once, which leads to stress and the inevitable MS flare up – and Christmas is no different.

This year, to save a few pounds I decided to make some chutneys, marmalade and fudge for some family members, as this seemed to go down well when I did it a few Christmases ago. At the start of this week I realised that I just had ten days to get all of this sorted and immediately became manic.

The chutney was easy enough to make – and delicious by the way – but I have never made fudge before and assumed that it would be a piece of cake. Well, it didn’t go exactly to plan as I put the pan on a hob that was too hot and it looks a little lumpy.

This piece of confectionery, this tiny inconsequential sweet sent me into a meltdown. I got angry at myself and started stressing over my perceived lack of time to get these gifts ready, which then caused my hands to start feeling funny. I was unable to grip anything, which nearly caused to drop and break a present my mum had just given me.

At this point I realised the absurdity of the situation. Firstly, who cares if the fudge won’t be winning any beauty pageants, it still tastes good, and secondly, as nobody is aware of what I was planning to make, they wouldn’t know their bag of fudge was missing.

I talked some sense into myself and then carried on with the rest of my evening, which mostly involved lying down and drinking tea.

The point I guess I’m trying to make is that my health, and indeed life in general, is too important to be getting worked up over nothing. Let’s face it, having MS means that I know there will be challenges ahead, making fudge from scratch doesn’t really compare.

Are you getting stressed about Christmas? What coping mechanisms do you use?


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